Bankless Crypto

One of the most well-known Ethereum-related newsletters and podcasts reported that its account was canceled without warning or explanation.

The Bankless Crypto YouTube Channel

The Bankless crypto YouTube channel, which boasted 150,000 subscribers to its Ethereum-focused magazine and podcast, said it had been suspended from the social media network without warning or reason. YouTube's service was restored a few moments later.

The channel, which has over 10,000 hours of content and included people, including Ethereum co.'s Vitalik Buterin, announced its account had been canceled in a tweet.

When one tries to access the channel, one gets a message, "This page isn't reachable."

Not everyone is bankrupt. 3 crypto accounts were also shut down. Officials from YouTube were unavailable for comment at the time of publication. This then would prevent an organization from shutting down a channel through decentralization.

The Bankless channel's removal may be temporary and not permanent, nor does it compulsory indicates that the Tube has now discovered anything improper in the main channel's material. It is very important to note that other channels have also been temporary remove by Facebook in the past and given back later on without any concrete explanation for the same.

In a tweet on Monday, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said the firm had "obviously made a mistake" by removing the Bankless channel."I love the level of conversation around crypto on YouTube - intrigued in web3 and the role we can play in the topic," Wojcicki continued.

The Bankless crypto channel is restored.

After being blocked for a brief time without reason, the Bankless crypto channel Tube was restored. Bankless, an Ethereum-focused newspaper, and podcast with 150,000 YouTube subscribers said it had been removed from the system without warning or explanation.

Since The ban was implemented without warning, communication, or explanation, Bankless' appeal to retweet till it crossed the YouTube team was met with outrage from followers.

The unjustified prohibition of Bankless YouTube channels has arrived at the right time. The prohibition placed the ongoing discussion over web 2 vs web 3 into perspective. The fact that the educational channel was blocked without explanation demonstrates how web 2 suffers from centralization. In a nutshell, one has no ownership.


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