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As per the news about bitcoins, one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams recently happened when a total of 15,078.20768150 BTC was moved worth the current bitcoin price of $991,820,563.67 (approximately Rs. 7,385 crores).

Bitcoin kept its position as the most significant and oldest cryptocurrency by far even after its value fell. On November 15th, over $44 billion worth of Bitcoins were exchanged, out of which about $1 billion worth of Bitcoin was involved in that one cryptocurrency scam transaction alone.

Two anonymous crypto wallets to anonymous crypto wallets have been identified to be engaged in a robust transaction of over 15,078 Bitcoin tokens. The value of Bitcoin transferred from this whale account is a massive $993,191,088 (approximately Rs. 7,395 crores). These whale wallets hold hefty amounts of crypto tokens and are capable of shaking the whole market alone.

This massive transfer was publicly recorded because Bitcoin cryptocurrency uses a blockchain ledger to validate its transactions, just like the other cryptocurrencies. So, this transaction was quickly recognized by cryptocurrency enthusiasts, platforms, and websites.

As stated by, “This transaction was the first broadcast to the Bitcoin network on November 15, 2021. At the time of this transaction, 15,078.20768150 BTC (Bitcoin tokens) was sent with a value of $991,820,563.67 (roughly Rs. 7,385 crores). The current bitcoin price of this transaction is now $912,564,189.99 (roughly Rs. 6,794 crore),”

It is assumed that the wallet holder prefers not to sell the assets for now, as the transaction didn’t take place on an exchange platform. This scam is assumed to be a security move by the whale wallet owner. Information about the holders of these wallets remains unknown.

The number of Bitcoin wallets that contain assets worth over $100,000 (approximately Rs. 75 lacks) and can influence the market movement is 522,952, as per the Glassnode reports. Some reports disclosed that 19,000 Bitcoin tokens were moved between two unknown wallets earlier this May. The transaction was worth 1.1 billion (approximately Rs. 8,235 crores) back then.

Bitcoin Supply and Value

According to market evaluation, Bitcoin cryptocurrency is the oldest and the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. The crypto coin is currently trading at $68.096 (approximately Rs. 50 lacks) per token, as calculated by the Gadgets 360 crypto price tracker.

Out of the 21 million Bitcoin tokens that Bitcoin's anonymous crypto wallet creator, Satoshi Nakamoto, pre-decided on being created, 18.8 million are in supply today, which is 90% of the total.

As per the bitcoin news reported by Glassnode, only 12.9% of the total supply of Bitcoins is currently circulating in the crypto-exchange platforms since this August. This may be deduced as the possibility of people’s amusement in holding on to their assets rather than getting rid of them.


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